Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cuteness Crocheted

I posted this picture on my Facebook page and got quite the response.
Jesus, can I DOUBLE like this photo?
Super Cute!
SOOOOO cute!
Freakin' adorable.
Quite the stylista on your hands.
Orange IS the color.

I can't even argue. The girl has a sense of style. Today she had to play outside in her bright red shoes and tulle and velor dress. On Friday she wore a tutu over her flowered pants for the entire ride to Chicago.

But the style above isn't all just her - it's quite a bit of cousin Jill. Or as Addie would say - My Jilly. Jill made her that orange rockin' hat. And this one.

And this blanket.
And this scarf and hat.

Yes, she's THAT Jill - the one who wears tutus and who taught Addie how to cheers.

As we all know, Jill is sassy. She's got style and spunk and now...she's sharing it, and not just with Addie!

Check out the latest creations - perhaps there is a Leprechaun hat just calling your name....

I know, I know...enough about cousin Jill. To be clear I have other cousins that I adore.
There's Jill's sister Amanda who dotes on Addie. She always has the perfect gift and a big hug. We called her "The Tape Recorder" when she was little - and now that's what I call Addie.
There's Jay. He's charming, and silly, and is willing to sing any song requested by my little songbird.
There's Colin. Colin has perpetually been my favorite cousin to torture - but only because I adore him. He also provided Addie with a playmate in the extended family, the adorable Jackson.

And then there's Ian. But I have nothing to say about that ass.


ck said...

She looks so grown up in that hat!

jillian said...

Hehehe..... Love you Jess! Thanks for advertising for me! I'm so glad Addison shares our love of homemade things... and maybe even more importantly, obnoxiously bright orange accessories!

Kathy said...

STRANGE!!!! Still no comments from the Flaherty boys. I would have thought that this little post would have been a line drawn in the sand.