Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness?

Today was one of those amazing 'Spring' days that show up and give you a bit of hope and help you breath a little deeper.

The skies were brilliantly blue and cloudless. The wind was gentle and sun was shinging bright. It made me want to drink beer, eat burgers and lounge on the patio. I didn't even mind blowing a million bubbles.
We spent the afternoon in the yard blowing bubbles, scribbling with chalk, swinging and sliding and kicking balls. The neighbor boys, her 'buddies', came over to frolic. Rylan stopped by to play for a few hours.

The cousins breached the sandbox. The sandbox that has 250 pounds of sand in it. And old faded toys. And bugs.
The sandbox that doesn't have a cover and was full of snow only a month ago. The icky, slushy sandbox.

There was sand in their hair. There was sand between her toes (maybe because she stripped off her socks and shoes?) and in his pockets. The giggled and cackled and got, well, dirty.

My solution? The dreaded cousin bath - with photos - because at 15 it will be fun to mortify them.


ck said...

That sounds just like our day. Except that ours ended with bath fighting. There is little worse than snatching a slippery, wet, furious 2 year-old out of the tub...

~Laura said...

I think my right arm is sore from all of the bubble wand waving! You have to take the pictures. How else will we torment them later on? :)

Gibby said...

the dreaded cousin bath---love it!!!

Remember to save those pics for blackmail when they are teenagers!

TKW said...

What the heck? How are there THAT many gorgeous kids in the family tree? Where's that cousin with the buck teeth and the wonk ears?

Keep having kids, sweetheart. The world will be more beautiful because of it.

WhisperingWriter said...

How cute.

My parents have several pictures of me in the tub with cousins.