Monday, September 20, 2010

The tantrums are fabulous these days. Tantrums and pouting - the majority of my day is occupied with tantrums and pouting. And the pouting, the endless pouting, is usually accompanied by crossed arms, stomping feet and a hanging head.

It is usually in response to not getting her way or being told this dreadful word: No.

Mommy, can I have peanuts and a Popsicle for breakfast?
Pout. Crossed arms. Glare

Mom, can I have the new Tinkerbell movie? Roller skates? Another kitty? A fish? That cool thing? Can I have? Can I have? Can I have?
Um, No. No. NO. No. No. No. No. NO!
Crocodile tears, big pout, hands on hips.

Mama? We go somewhere today? The zoo? The museum? My friend's house? Meijer? I love Meijer Mom!
Not today babe. No. Nope. Not today. Sorry babe, No.
Stomping, pout, crossed arms, glare.

It okay that I jump on the couch? It okay that I put on your make-up Mama? Look mama, I put stickers on the couch, a necklace on Mich. I pour fruit punch BY MYSELF Mom! Mama, I play with the scissors?
No! No Addie. Don't do that! Ack! STOP. Absolutely not.
Stomp, pout, tears, stomp, bigger pout.

Unfortunately for her I have about two reactions to the pout, stomp, arm crossed, glare response: I either find it hysterical and have to turn around and silently laugh to myself or I find it ridiculous and annoying and (like a toddler) I become more resolved to NOT do what she wants.

Yes, I am responding to a toddler with toddler tactics. I know I should be taking the higher road, teaching by example yadayadayada. But her endless, usually irrational, Can I haves and I wants aren't once or twice a day. No - when she's in prime form they are uttered multiple times an hour.

I totally understand her tactics - she is persistent and relentless and hoping to wear me down in order to ultimately get what she wants.

I use the exact same approach on her father.

How else can you explain the existence of that orange fur ball that has lived with us for the past nine years? Or the new dressers in the bedroom? Or my painted bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen?

Persistence and relentlessness - annoying, but, on occassion, effective.


Kate C. said...

Hmm... Is it too early to bring out the elf on the shelf??

The only other thing is to start taking her to the library where she can get 1 movie a week for free...

Mich said...

...and a Christmas tree? Didn't that take a while?

Kathy said...

one more time.....the apple doesn't fall....!!!