Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Yesterday we went to Meet the Teacher at school.  Addie has moved from Miss Sue's Ducks class to Miss Cathy's Frogs class.  Addie loved school last year - loved Miss Sue and loved being a duck.  I was a little nervous that she may be apprehensive about the change of classroom and a new teacher - how silly of me.  On the way to school yesterday she declared that she already "loved Miss Cathy" and that she was so excited to be a frog - RIBBIT!   (Yes, she ribbited the entire way to school).

She had no problem walking right into her new classroom, introducing herself and giving Miss Cathy a lovely drawing that she made during breakfast.
 We dove right into the class scavenger hunt - locating the calendar, the helper board and where the toys are.  She quickly found a froggy print out with her name on it and went on to decorate it.  She declared, on her worksheet, that her favorite color is pink, but proudly made her frog rainbow colored.
Once her coloring was done Miss Cathy hung Addie's frog on the classroom door.  Addie very proudly and very excitedly showed me her masterpiece.  She was so comfortable.  So confident.  So totally at ease in her polka dot and stripes displaying her colorful frog.

And yet again, I was momentarily sobered at the realization that she is growing so fast.  My mind raced: school three days a week this year and then on the bus and off to kindergarten next year.  She is tall and self assured and brave - willing to try anything.  It never crosses her mind to be nervous in a new situation, instead she flings herself into the middle of the action.  Soon she'll be a big sister, and maybe not want to snuggle on my lap or hold my hand just to hold.  I got a little misty eyed - and then I saw this picture:
Turns out now matter how very big she seems to me, she is still, really, just a little girl.   Thank heavens.


Kathy said...

Oh my...she'll always be your baby girl.

Sue said...

Misty eyes over here.