Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thousands of days later...

Dear sweet Addie,
Well over a month ago you turned six.  Six.  72 months. 2190 days.    Unbelievable. 
For this monumental occasion we celebrated the heck out of you - we celebrated with our friends at the ocean; we celebrated in Washington DC; we celebrated with your friends and family at home; we celebrated right into the month of August.  We just could not stop celebrating you!

 On the morning of your birthday we woke up in one of your favorite places - the beach.  According to your Dad you stretched, smiled, and mumbled to yourself "I am six today".  We drove to DC for most of your birthday, but it didn't seem to phase you, especially since we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel, one of your favorite places to eat (those tiny syrup bottles make you so darn happy).  In DC you were spoiled by our friends and spent a day taking in the sites and asking dozens of questions - yet again you didn't understand why President Obama didn't invite you in for a visit. 
When we got home we continued the marathon of celebrating.  After much thought you decided you wanted a water and Star Wars party, so that is what you got.  Ten of your buddies came over and ran through the sprinkler, fought like Jedis, snacked on goodies and generally had a great time - you did not stop smiling the entire day.
To round out your celebrations, we had your Cincinnati family over for a cook out, where you got spoiled with tons and tons of crafting kits and one pretty cool Star Wars tee shirt. And, a week or so later Papa came down to visit, as did Uncle Jeafen.  Uncle Jeaf surprised you with a day a King's Island, which you have not yet stopped talking about.  Sooo, all in all, I would say turning six was pretty darn great for you.
This past year has been quite the ride, my dear.  You rocked your way through Kindergarten.  Your teacher, Mrs. Parker, called you the perfect student.  She said she wished all her students had your manners and listening skills.  By the time you left Kindergarten you had fallen in love with writing and reading. Your inquisitive spirit really bloomed, bombarding Dad and I with endless questions seems to be one of your favorite past times.  You are a phenomenal big sister.  Phenomenal.  You are patient and loving toward Brenna every day - you two giggle and play and shriek and fill our lives and home with so much chaotic love.  She worships you and you watch out for her; what lucky little girls I have to have such wonderful sisters in each other.
You are a dancer at heart, but have put your best foot forward in soccer.  While you love pirouetting and leaping, you also have learned to charge the ball and pass.  Sweating, however, is still your least favorite activity.
Sweetheart, even though you are brimming over with sass and your favorite thing to say is I know, you are still a sensitive soul, a tender little bunny.  Luckily for me you are not too old hold my hand or give me hugs whenever the moment strikes you.  You still love cuddles and bedtime stories.  Princesses, dancing, singing and creating rank pretty high on your favorite things, but Star Wars has captured your sense of imagination, proving you may have a bit of an adventurous side.
You and I often butt heads over silly things and you are most definitely a bit of a slob.  You are relentless when you want something, but equally as thoughtful about pleasing others.
I find myself studying you without you knowing.  Seeing how much you have changed from that warm little bundle I held in the hospital all those thousands of days ago.  You are incredibly long and lithe and it is almost impossible to keep meat on your bones. You are beautiful, simply beautiful, inside and out.  You are getting so tall that I fear you will be taller than me before I know it!
In the past year you have grown three inches and continue to be in the 99th percentile for height; for heavenssake you are over four feet tall headed into the first grade!
By this time next week you will be headed off to your second day of first grade, on the bus, away from me for the entire day.  I know I will cry, I am tearing up now as I write this.  You have been my shadow for over six years and while there have been hard moments and days, I wouldn't trade any of them, ever.
Dad and I are so proud of the little girl you are - you have made our lives immeasureably more rich and we are thankful for you every single day.  Every.  Single.  Day. 
Happy (belated) sixth birthday to my peanut, my sweet pea, my princess, my little spider monkey, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (first) baby girl.


Barbara A. said...

So Beautiful, how time flies!!

Sue said...

Lovely, just lovely. Don't know why this particular phrase got me, but it did: "You have been my shadow," awww.

Mich said...

love her

Keelin said...

Oh my gosh, how is she going to first grade next week? This makes me tear up...